Friday, August 22, 2014

excursion trip with the younger boy - philatelic museum!

off day for me again today - hiaks.
people are always commenting how often im on leave or so but it's just a case of me not saving up huge number of leaves to carry forward to the next year.
I don't see the point in that, bulk of a year's leave should be used appropriately within the year.
actually with the annual leave and childcare leave that most parents are entitled, it's more than reasonable/enough to take 2 days off every month and yet still has enough leave to go for a short (2-3 days) and a long (6-10days?) trips during the year?
and of cos we don't take 2 days off every month and of cos we try to overlap with weekends for trips. so really, most people leave should be more than enough for them to take a break at least every other month.
worst is those who don't and c/f leave just so they can expired!

ok, so the younger boy is having a mini excursion to the philatelic museum with his school.
I took leave to accompany him so that after that, we can head out and spend some time with the husband (who took PM leave to join us!).
comparing to yz, we actually spend much lesser time with him alone - I was definitely doing more such things when yz was in learning vision back then.

happy boy and me on the excursion bus
we reached the museum slightly before 10am and the kids had fun with the museum staff who facilitated some interesting learning games with the 2 nursery classes.
I took the opportunity to take tour round the museum which is pretty small and nothing much. :P
the bus was here at 12+ to pick the kids back to school and we bade farewell to his teachers and classmates from there.
met up with hubbi who came to fetch us and off we go to town! :D
@ ion
it was amazing how many people were in town - don't anyone have to work or go to school?
simple walking around and stopping often to snack on this and that.
it was good time spent together with the younger boy.
we had an early dinner @ saveur at far east before heading to yz school to fetch him direct.
quiet evening of the boys playing on their own and us catching up on housework.
rest of weekend ahead. this is good!
some outfits for the week:
left: top from axara, cropped pants from zara
middle: top and skirt from gg5
right: romper from warehouse

Sunday, August 17, 2014

stay-at-home weekend once again

just 1 week after recovering from sore throat and fever, yz is down with stomach flu this week. :(
it started early this week when he complained of tummy ache and mild fever came along.
so he was on MC on Tuesday but luckily was well enough to attend school on wed for his mini English test.
and thankfully, there were no school for both thurs and fri due to PSLE so he could rest more at mum's place.

but the fever was ranging high and he was having loose stools a few times a day during those 2 days too. :(
luckily, all the symptoms finally subsided this weekend and it seems like the rest of the family didn't get the virus from him.

but this episode got me thinking of kids falling sick during exam period.
so stressful for if the child is unwell enough to go to school, there is either no re-taking so grades are taken pro-rated from other tests or re-taking of tests by sitting in the class alone?
and if the child is well enough to take the test but not fully recovered, surely the performance will be affected?
ha, it's actually not much of a concern when I WAS the kid having to take exams back then..
but now I worry for the boys. zzzz

there is a time and place for everything so maybe no point sweating over such stuff prematurely.
ok, let's move on!

Friday, August 15, 2014

new look for the living room

ok, nothing drastic - just a new carpet.
finally we got rid of the old one which is very new and in mint condition since it's only 2 years old...
but it has been shedding too much for the husband so bye bye to it...
it was actually hard work just changing a carpet even though hubbi did most of the work.
I forgot how heavy our coffee table is - shifting the tempered glass almost break my back!
then hubbi moved the sofa and what's under it may be better off left alone.. @_@
but he did the vacuuming and then its rolling out the carpet and another round of vacuuming.
followed by shifting back of sofa and coffee table.. zzz
but I like the new carpet! some dashes of colors to our otherwise plain living room.
i wonder when can we change our sofa - it's coming to 8 years old!!
im drooling over those buttery soft leather sofas whenever I see them in furniture shops.
though I must admit fabric sofa is much easier to maintain...

Monday, August 11, 2014

long weekend is the best!

long weekend is the best! non-work time to catch up with loads of stuff - I like!
the long weekend started from Friday evening when I left the office with my ex-team to vivo for dinner at the very yummy tajimaya yakiniku for wagyu beef and pork grill.
and of cos.... sake. hehe.
it was all fun and laughter chatting up all kind of crap until 10plus when we adjourned to st james or whatever it is now.
it has been so long since I was there.
we just wanted somewhere for more drinks and dancing so it was a natural choice.
however, alcohol and old age is not a combi so we left the place at 1+am. just too tired.
though I went to bed that night feeling shitty and the same the next morning, it was still a very fun night with the crazy bunch! :D
Saturday was a peaceful one. as I said, I was really "recuperating" at home from the night before.
and we really spent the whole day at home.
the boys busy playing with their lego, doing some homework and watching tv to their heart contents. ha!
for me, the best moment is chomping on the oily chicken rice that hubbi tabao for me.
that always work wonder to remove any queasiness leftover from last night drinking! shiok!
cartoons and more cartoons on a holiday!
the ng family watched the parade on tv and I must admit even if im not physically at the parade itself, it is still moving at moments nevertheless.
I got so emotionally charged up when I saw the last parachutist touched down safely! good job!
and no matter what the hype is gonna be for SG50 next year round, i think this year's parade is truly a wonderful one. I feel the heart is in the right place, I feel the change the government is trying to show, and lastly I really feel my own love for my country.
happy birthday, Singapore. Home, always.
and we had yummy mac delivery to go with the parade!
yeah, shiok shiok satay! (no, we didn't have that..)
yesterday, we headed out to town after lunch at my in-laws place.
been a long time since I last went town!
finally we had the chance to check out the new orchard gateway!
at first glance, not too bad. seems to sell stuff that I dig.
still, a challenge to shop with the boys+man. @_@
but those who know me, I'll have my way. so the damage is:
- a top from gg5
- funky (think neon yellow, pokka dots) socks from chocoolate
- lip balm from Dr GL
and we caught guardians of the galaxy after dinner!
what a hilarious fun show! and awesome mix indeed.
we were listening to the soundtrack on youtube on our way back home- even the boys like them.
chris pratt is surprisingly charismatic after the pounds are gone! I cant wait for the sequel really. :)
it will be fun if peter quill ever meet tony stark!
and today, we went carpet shopping after lunch.
finally, the husband decided he has enough of our carpet - it just wont shredding no matter how he vacuum in the past 2 years+ :P
oh well, so we went to a direct carpet supplier and after hubbi affirmed its quality, I chose the design, we concluded the transaction chop chop. :D
and it's onwards to vivo after that!
more shopping for me and pigging out time with the boys - basically they chose what they want to eat and I just pay (luckily their taste is cheap - texas chicken, ichiban boshi etc)
hubbi went to meet his reservist mates for a free movie (expendables 3...) on army's tab.
and I got myself 1 more top and dress from gg5 + romper from warehouse.
what a good long weekend! :D
some outfits for the week:
left: top from gg5, skirt from zara
right: top from uniqlo, skorts from zara

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

new haircut!

finally made time to get a haircut - the weather is just too hot for words at time.
not as short as I wanted initially but as usual when the hairdresser said he was done, i just went along and make payment.
no time to do a proper assessment.
not when I need to rush home to the 3 boys home..
never mind, it will do for now!
lighter head!

Monday, August 04, 2014

a surprise from the husband

hubbi is having his reservist these 2 weeks - half the time he is able to book out early and spend the late afternoon slacking at home or out catching a  movie on his own...
tsk tsk. super envious can!
so when he watsapp me in the late afternoon that he has a surprise for me, I was really thinking along the line of a pack of cookie from famous amos from tampines.
when he did the "tadah" thing at dinner, i was so happy to see the keychain that I had wanted for a long time - spongbob in superhero gear!
I first saw this at a lego store in HK 1 year+ back, didn't get it cos it was overpriced there.
and since then, I've been trying to find it in SG to no avail. what we have here is usually the normal spongbob.
and getting it from amazon doesn't make sense after the shipping charges kick in.
so when the hubbi happened to chance upon it this afternoon at the usual lego store we visit at century square, he was surprised to see it there for we have hunted for it there previously too.
and he got it without any seconds thoughts. :D
a small gesture but really make my evening.
the husband does have me in his mind.
someone commented that spongbob seems to be more muscular here - do you think so?

Sunday, August 03, 2014

the ng family going crazy with LEGO

having a new obsession is never good.
and its worse when the obsession in point is LEGO. @_@

since I started buying the first expert modular set earlier this year, there is no turning back.
and im not sure who is influencing who but it seems like the whole ng family is going crazy with LEGO!
the husband with his Star wars sets, the boys with the usual kids range - Chima, Ninjago and recently YZ started looking at the City range! *tsktsk*

for me, it's always buildings, ships or rails.
and so this month, I got myself another 2 sets!
seriously, I think LEGO has taken over my interest in shopping for clothings (at least for these 2 months!).
my coll managed to help me get the Grand Emporium for just $260 from HK when it costs a hefty $340 in SG. *yeah*
and today, I just made another purchase for the Haunted House on Amazon.
with shipping, it's $290 compared to $370 in SG!
the husband is very sweet to subsidized that even though he was against me from making yet another LEGO purchase so soon. :P

but if you are into LEGO or appreciate anything that is exquisitely made, then you will understand why the obsession.
whenever I finished a set, I just want to shrink myself small so I can explore the set better! haha.

I finished the Parisian restaurant over the long weekend last week and it's interior could be one of the best for all modular sets!
and it has joined the rest.
see, so chio!
top: joining up with the movie palace and pet shop
bottom: the first floor is full of details! if you can take a closer look at the kitchen!