Friday, July 17, 2015

day out with the boys!

we all love a public holiday, dont we!
hubbi and i were able to sleep in until almost 10am this morning! what a luxury! :D
no particular itinerary for today - just head to MBS for a spot of shopping (?!).
the husband was busy trying out his new camera for the day and we were his models! LOL.
he appeared in none but 1 of the photos taken today. *wahaha*
and MBS is really not a good place for me for there are just so much temptations!!
in the end, I cant resist but got myself a pair of repetto & earrings from chanel... this is bad. what happened to lying low until sept....? @_@
non-stop photo-taking by the husband...
and it seems like we cant wait till sept for our staycation to start. we just booked ANOTHER one for the national day weekend! cant wait for that in 3 weeks time. yeah!
thanks bb for agreeing to this one on top of the few that we've lined up for rest of year! :D

Friday, July 10, 2015

dates with the husband

now that the husband's peak period is sort of over until the next one comes along, we are able to catch up with each other better. :)
last thursday, he was able to end work early to look for me at my workplace. so once im off for work, we headed to FYR at boon tat street - this restaurant which I was keen to bring him to for the longest time for it's steak and bone marrow are really yummy! they use lychee wood to oven cook the food which gave the food a yummy tinge of sweet aroma. I like!
and thankfully the husband was so impressed with the food, he brought the in-laws and me back for another round yesterday. LOL.
their rib-eye done medium is my fav and that says a lot for im never a steak person!
today, both of us applied half-day leave to spend some time together. hubbi fetched me from my workplace for vivo. we wanted to get minion toys for the kids but sadly all fully redeemed yesterday itself! gosh. - too bad for the kiddos.
we caught "Magic mike XXL" - my choice of course. hehehe. though the expectations were already lowered given the review saying that this sequel is more dancing less story as confirmed by tatum himself, I cant help but compare to the first installment. this time round, it's milder and not as gritty as the first. oh well, got to see the lovely bodies still. hiaks.

went shopping for electronics - yes, vacumn and iron can you believe it! - as requested by my mum that the ones at my house need replacements already...
hubbi got a camera bag for his new Olympus camera. tsk tsk, him and his gadgets. I was good = no shopping done! :P

dinner was at Jamie's Italian as I wanted to try since it opened like 1 year back? finally we got to try it. maybe we've chosen the wrong mains for I find them so-so and the air-conditioning rendered the food cold and bleh in minutes....
but the cauliflower frittis that we got for starters were really good but to warrant a revisit just for that, I don't think so..
house wine is so so too though hubbi enjoyed his smoothie but again, not a fan of such drinks!
too full to try their tiramisu which the waitress claimed to be one of the best in SG?! hmm, I wonder if I will ever revisit to try that. shall see...

a good afternoon spent with the husband and we should do that at least every other month. :D

Thursday, July 09, 2015

staycations galore! *wee*

yeah! I have go ahead and make reservations for staycations for rest of the year with the blessings of the husband. no, he's not paying for everything just giving the permission to do so. tsk.

it's all 2D1N stuff - rather frivolous and just for us break out of the daily routine abit. :P
first up, 1 night stay at around town (closer to dhoby ghaut area) during sept school holidays so we can bring the boys on a day excursion to some local museums or duck tour?. :D
1 night stay just for the husband, me (+1 boy?) at a hotel in town for our 9th wedding anniversary in sept! im planning my fav. (boring) activities I guess - movie, shopping + some fine dining in town. fabulous!
lastly, 1 night stay somewhere close to town on my birthday though it's peak period for the husband typically for any last day of a quarter. :(
well, he can work by the hotel pool while I bring the kids for a relaxing swim I guess. :P

cant wait for these mini breaks and of cos our family holidays to Europe in nov! :D
I think it's time to start (day)dreaming abit for our 2016 holidays. hehe.

Saturday, July 04, 2015


the husband decided to give the boys a pleasant surprise - that is, to watch the minions movie! we have been telling them that we wont be watching for the longest time and they have no expectations whatsoever.
as both hubbi and I have been working late for the past week due to our quarter/year-end closing, we wanted to make the weekend a good one for the kids. so we brought them to bugis and hubbi went to buy the tickets without them knowing. :P when I was queuing up to buy the snacks for the show, the elder boy was asking if im watching a show alone. LOL. 
when we led them to the cinema, they kept asking if we were watching terminator (which they really really don't want to watch, lol). finally when the show started, you can see how happy they were! kudos to the man who planned this mini surprise for the little guys. :D
but the show is really a kids' show. I think I enjoyed the despicable me series much much more. zzzz.

dinner was at coco ichibanya @ bugis plus - at the request of the elder boy who wanted to have curry rice for dinner. tsk tsk. the evening ended with us strolling around bugis village area which is bustling with activities on a weekend night.

@coco ichibanya

Sunday, June 28, 2015

weekend - facial + Jurong birdpark

after more than a year hiatus from facials, I think my skin needs a thorough cleansing and some pampering! so I made an appointment with the lancome spa located at the revamped capitol piazza yesterday. hubbi and the kids were very nice to accompany me there so they had their lunch at the newly opened foodcourt at basement while I went for my session. it wasn't too bad for a basic facial though I've experience better facial massages before. the extraction process was rather long and painful but what to expect for someone who hasn't have facial for more than a year! it has a good promo going on for now - buy 3 + 2 free! but I didn't commit given my schedule really doesn't permit me to go for regular facials and I am hoping to try a few more facials of other products before really committing to a package..

today, given its the last week of the school holidays, we decided to bring the kids to jurong bird park! more of the husband's idea for im never a fan of spending time under the sun. :P it has been more than a decade since I last visited it! pretty enjoyable for an afternoon as the compound is compact enough to cover all of it well in 3-4 hours time + we watched 2 performances too! quite worth the entry price if you ask me. :D

left: before entering the penguin area
top right: lunch before starting our excursion
bottom right: SG50 displays scattered round the park

crazy hot humid day, but rather good walk around the park

not exactly my fav animals - birds.....
I have this phobia of birds in general - keep thinking that they will come close and peck me with those awful beaks. guess the fear rubs off the boys during their growing up years as I always act agitated whenever pigeons, sparrows or crows come near us. :P
so the boys are wary of these animals of flight not unlike me so it's good that they learn interesting facts about the birds this trip and hopefully be less afraid of them going forward.. ha.
has been a great active day for the ng family. im starting to think what can we do during the sept school holidays given that we are staying in SG. hmmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

GSS shopping! *WEE*

having a day off at work and it has been a glorious day of shopping in town! :D
the morning started out pretty normal - waking up, preparing the kids and sending them to my mum's place/childcare.
managed to have brekkie with them before hubbi dropped me off at the MRT station.

I was in town from 10+am all the way to 5+pm. im not kidding when I said my calves are aching now!
it was happy shopping indeed though the wallet was quietly weeping too. oh well. I was mentally prepared so the guilt was not as bad. or is it a case of an incorrigible me?

so what's the loots for the day? zara sale started so of cos there is something from my fav. brand - a top + skirt. in fact, everything I bought today was on sale. yeah. UGG boots for upcoming YE trip, sandals from DKNY, dress from A/X + a belt from ferragamo.

I was very close to buying a pair of earrings but logic reined me in the last minute. :P
more like it convinced me to DEFER it to sept month when it's my bonus month... *muhaha*
ok, so it means no more shopping for me till sept!! is it even reasonable to contemplate this?
we shall see!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2D1N small dishes are really good

jm is back in SG so met up with the girls for Korean dinner @ 2D1N at tanjong pagar.
I found the place strangely familiar - seems to be the same place where I got like dead drunk on soju 1 year+back! ok, lets not go there.

I found the main dishes decent but it's small dishes are so good that we asked for refills non-stop. well almost until the staff said we can only refill maximum twice. oops.

anyway, good to catch up with the girls on an otherwise drab Wednesday. good to see that jm seems to be truly adjusted to living in down under too. :)