Thursday, February 26, 2015

if only everything is as easy as gaining pounds

and so, all it took is just 1 month of feasting without care to gain that 2+kg! and it took me almost 4 months of excruciating watching of calories before I lost the same 2kgs late last year. what the....!!
but to go back time and say no to those bah kwas, pineapple tarts, prawn rolls, prawn crackers, kueh lapis.. I cant do it. :P

ok, back to watching what im eating again and have to get the brisk walk routine up and going once more...

anyway, met up with hubbi's friends for dinner and lo hei @ uncle leong seafood place last sunday. the crab was quite good though nothing fantastic. now im craving for a chilli crab dinner where I can have the whole crab by myself! *slurp*

some photos from that night:

I will be meeting up with my own friends for CNY this coming weekend - yeah! cant wait for that.

some outfits for these 2 weeks:
left: dress from zara
middle: pullover from seoul, jeans from 7forallmankind
right: top from bimba&lola, cropped pants from zara

Sunday, February 22, 2015

紅樓夢What Is Sex?

caught this performance at esplanade theatres yesterday with the husband. though not an easy performance to understand, I found myself enjoying certain segments. rather thought provoking in fact. of cos as I was sharing with hubbi, Im not sure if im interpreting it the way the director meant it to be but I guess that's the beauty of art. it's really up to the individual to perceive and build the relationship with the subject. while I had briefly read before the "Dream of the red chamber" years ago, I cant recall most of the details. which is a good thing as the director juxtaposed lines from the book with visual scenes that may or may not support those lines intuitively. so I was really "seeing" the old scenes in new ways. in fact, some of the scenes which I recall from the book, I re-interpreted them in new ways that I have never thought of. which is rather impressive. but truth be told, it was not an easy performance at all. it raised more questions than giving answers.

normally, I was drawn to the "villain" of most books/shows especially if I deem them to be most reflective of human nature. but from the past till now, I just find it so hard to even reconcile with the "villain" 王熙凤's actions. not to mention liking her. or is that a case of her being too similar and i have no confidence of rising above her? hmm..

i must recommend the 主題曲《似曾》 of this show. i find the tune gives the feeling of us having no control over the vicissitudes of life. and the lyrics were brilliantly written by the director. and make you think about the difference between 緣分 and 注定.

似曾/韋禮安 《紅樓夢What is Sex?》主題曲


沒有針 只有線
亂剪 亂剪


只有風 沒有月
實現 實現


我 為何只能是你夢中的人?
我 為何只能叫你把假當真? 當真


你 為何只能是我夢中的人?
你 為何只能叫我把假當真? 當真


好比參 好比商


Thursday, February 19, 2015

CNY day 1

same old same old. visited in-laws house in the afternoon then it's to my first uncle's house where all my extended family from my mum's side came together!
GOAT xi fa cai!
may you and your loved ones be blessed with health & happiness in the new lunar year!!
family shots before heading out!

happy us!
we reached home in the early evening and now both boys are asleep while the husband are out meeting his peeps!
i will laze abit before turning in early. no more house visiting for us for the rest of the week which aint a bad thing. always good to laze at home to re-energize ourselves for the new week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CNY Eve - 2015

finally, CNY is here! today was an extremely short day at work. I let the team go off at 12 and I scooted off shortly after that too.
picked up the boys and off we went to vivo!
we had a hearty lunch while waiting for hubbi to join us.
shots with my baobeis!
they insisted on the xmas stickies.. @_@
done a spot of shopping and I bought superdry tees for both the husband and myself. surprisingly, I find the cutting of their tees pretty flattering for me. good buy!
anyway, I was just at vivo yesterday - came here with my colls to catch 50 shades!! LOL. but sadly, as with most reviews & feedback, the show is a let-down comparing to the book and I found myself getting bored in the second half.
the reel mr grey is not near to the grey in my mind... :(
oh well, hopefully this film will revive such genre in the R21 space. hehehehe.
we left vivo for my big uncle's house to have reunion dinner with my parents & extended family. this year, the numbers dwindled further....
only 11 of us.. a far cry from the 20+ in the past...
anyway, obviously I like my new gg5 skirt a lot to wear it thrice in 2 weeks! :D
here goes: 
left: with zara top
middle & right: with forever new tops

Monday, February 16, 2015

12.02.2002 - 13 years together and still holding hands

last Thursday marked our 13 years anniversary together as a couple. :)
but this year, both of us were so busy that we can hardly find a common time slot to take leave together. :(
finally, we made time to have a nice dinner tonight after work. :D
of cos, elaborated plans were made so the kids were in my mum's safe hands for a FEW  hours in the evening. haha.
as usual, always eager to try out new restaurants for such occasions, we went restaurant ember based on recommendation by.... who else but gb!
and true to the recommendation, the food was awesome! ember was located within hotel 1929. simple décor but in general exudes a clean, quiet ambience. both of us were impressed with the quality of the food and it's a + given that the husband was really a picky eater. but bluntly put, not a fan of fine dining.
what im impressed with is really the fact that from starters till desserts, each of them were really yum. their starters were especially good.
bill for both of us came up to around ~$160 without wine which I thought is pretty decent.
i know taking things for granted is almost like my second nature. I know he is still willing to continue this journey with me though he does not explicitly said so. I know that if I can turn back time and given the choice again, the choice will still be him.
and that is enough for now. until the next anniversary. or until the next blow up over housework.. :P

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#4 lo hei @ wah lok

today, we had reunion lunch with my in-laws at wah lok. im glad we went here instead of some random hotel buffet. its still the nicest to have chinese food for reunion meals, no?
food aint bad but somehow i feel the standard is not as good as before?
after lunch, we made our way to suntec city to visit the lego store there which was disappointingly small. :(
still, a good stroll there given the super light human traffic..
weekend is ending in a flash as usual. the good thing is coming week is an extremely short one. :)
don't you feel 2015 passes faster than 2014? I think that.
silly shots taken with the elder son who can be too stuck-up for such antics at times now:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

where has the time gone?

this week has been hectic at work - sometimes I feel like all I'm doing is just going from 1 meeting to another! @_@
so glad that the week is over.
yesterday, did #3 lo hei for this CNY with the marketing team in SG. always good to toss yu sheng during CNY! :)
and after work, a group of us left for jasmine's housewarming gathering at her place. as usual, after a few drinks, the same old topics surfaced again..'s always the same conversations with this bunch. :P
good evening & night spent with the colls!

today is Vday! but as with most years, the husband and I did not celebrate this occasion. so same for today, we just hang out with the boys like any normal Saturday.
we made our way to taka today to collect the remaining CNY goodies that I ordered and we enjoyed the time spent at kino & lego shop here. I was so intrigued by some of the books I browsed there that I made further purchases at bookdepository once I'm home!
now I have 7 books in all pending delivery! cant wait for them to arrive. :D

the momentum started when I bought a book from popular last week and now the "engine" has started again. im ready to breathe books for a change from k-dramas. :P