Thursday, May 07, 2015

the husband is into foldie bike recently and he bought 1 so he can "hang out" with the boys. I really dont know whats up with men and their gadgets and stuff. but I do admit the foldie bike is quite compact and easy to hit the road with it.
over the last weekend, we spent some time cycling/scooting round the neighborhood. I tried the foldie while the boys alternated between their bicycle with training wheels & scooter. the husband was very nice to run alongside with us. :P
like a million years since I ride. woke up with achy muscles the next day - no joke!
the boys looking sporty LOL
and I tried online shopping after a long time too. bought a belt, top & dress from sheshops. received the loots in the middle of the week and again, I think brick & mortar shopping is more for me. somehow, online shopping always fall short of my expectations. @_@
and it's mother's day this sunday! the boys have been very sweet giving me gifts and handicraft works from school. YZ gave me a card and he bought this bracelet (all of $1 - LOL) from his bookshop for me! YR having attending both church kindy & childcare showered me with 4 cards/handicraft works. im a happy mum.
best gift of all is the husband has granted me lovely me-time on sunday before he will fetch me in late afternoon for a good dinner out. :D
I cant wait for that. :P

Saturday, May 02, 2015

good start to may!

it's labor day yesterday but as usual, finance team needs to be back in office for closing.
but it was a smooth one so no one is complaining! the team came in at around 10+AM and by 7PM, we were more or less done! hubbi and the boys have been very supportive in dropping me off work and coming back to have dinner with me around marina bay city gallery area - Verve. :)

evening was spent catching on magazines + dramas = totally my kind of lazing!
and this morning I'm done with my brisk walking, im ready to take on the weekend! yeah!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

had parent-teacher meeting with YR's kindy teachers this week. good to hear from the teachers that he has no problem following the syllabus and keeping up with the work. but of cos, the usual boys will be boys applies to him too. cant sit still at times and talking too much - so familiar! just like the elder boy! tsk tsk. and he likes to "complain" or "tell-tale" to teacher notti stuff that his classmates did! exactly how he is behaving at home! it's always, "mamee! gor gor did this, gor gor did that!"...
but all in all, glad he is adjusting well to kindy life. hopefully, this will help him to adjust to primary school like how it work well for gor gor.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

no time to laze at home this weekend - packed!

this weekend was packed with social activities - not that im complaining but it was over before i know it and to be honest, i could use some resting at home doing absolutely nothing! @_@
after elder son's enrichment class yesterday, we went to look for our ex-contractor on the possibility of doing up a display shelf. didn't work out well as the design and costs do not really align with our expectations.
by the time we were back home, it's time to settle dinner for the boys before I have to make my way to fullerton hotel for my company's DnD! 
clockwise from top right: suz, jas+bao, koh chai
my first time to our DnD despite this being my 4th year here.. this year, it was stand up buffet style with the intent to encourage people to mingle. but tiring for most ladies with heels by the end of the night. :P
it was pretty good catching up with colls in a social environment. :D
it was way past my bedtime when I slept...
today, after the younger boy enrichment class, it's mad rush to suntec city to catch "avengers 2" with the hubbi's family. I guess the boys + their cousins enjoyed it but personally i feel avergers 1 is better in terms of action and humor. but i guess the direction of this sequel is expected - after the party ended and the lights came back on, it's always time for a sobering look at the real us. im amazed at how the story ties up with thor 2, guardian of galaxy, American captain 1! this is the 4th infinity stone! where will the next 2 stones be coming from?
AND, after the movie, it's a rush to fi's house for Geraldine's full month celebration. really no time to sit down and blank out.
was fun catching up with the hall mates and most of the time we just lounged around watching star awards 2 red carpet walk and dissing stars' dressing. :P
needless to say, back at home, I just zonked out on the sofa finishing up star awards before calling it a night soon. feeling stretched! ok time to sleep!

Friday, April 24, 2015

met up with gb & jt on wed for her bday dinner. as usual, we tried to hunt down the new eateries in town to try.
this time round, we ended up at FYR Cycene Ond Drinc on boon tat street which specializes in charcoal oven-baked food with lychee wood so most food turn up with the nicest aroma!
between us, we polished off 4 small plates, 1 mains (for 2-3 sharing) & 2 desserts. burp! and after that we still headed to dean & DeLuca at far east square for coffee and ONE MORE cake.
over-ordering & eating is always the theme of our outings! 
relatively small restaurant with nice décor & ambience
their small plates were all good seriously. I tried bone marrow for the first time and it was really good. the other usual suspects like foie gras (duck instead of goose), scallops were done up well too.
anyway this week, I managed to have 2 dinners with the husband without the kids. :P
we popped by to ramen play at breadtalk HQ on tue for a quick dinner before fetching the kids from my mum's place since it's so near to her house and we got off work relatively early too.
today, hubbi was out running errand in the late afternoon so he came fetched me from my work place and we headed out to my fav. telok ayer area for dinner. we settled eventually for wang dae bak since I have cravings for budae jigae. BUT, sad to say, WDB's standards since to drop and I was thirsting for water since dinner till now. I wonder what did they put in the soup?
so after the bad experience at the far east sq's branch and tonight, I wont be revisiting anytime soon.
hope we can continue our short date evenings. :)
some outfits for the week:

left: top from zara, skirt from gg5
right:dress from BCBG

Sunday, April 19, 2015

the weekend is here again! and today, I brought the boys to haji lane on a whim.
felt like doing a spot of window shopping and didn't feel like bringing them to the usual malls so thought will be nice to explore kampong glam and show them how a mosque looks like up close - so here we are!
definitely livelier in the weekend. first time for the husband coming here on a weekend too. he used to come here for dinner with me during the weekdays when i were working around this area 3+ years back so he has never really see it in action before. :)
the boys enjoying the area
the very nice owner from the children little museum even gave them free toys from yesteryears!
and of cos, how can I resist buying nothing when im here! got some nice shades from digbyduke though hubbi doesn't really like it. but again, since when I take fashion advice from him. :P

dinner was at fika café and it's not too bad. there must be a reason why it can survive for the last few years!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

this week has been a saddening one.
a very close friend of mine - his gramp passed on earlier this week. went down to the wake 2 nights in a row with some friends. hopefully, our presence can bring his family and him some comfort no matter how small.

once again, life is really too short and fragile. we need to appreciate and treasure our loved ones while we can.