Sunday, July 20, 2014

jul and aug - the dry months of a year.
when they are over, it will feel like we are hurtling towards the end of another year again.
jul is almost over sadly, so what can I look forward to in the month of aug?
2 public holidays so I better think of something to do with the boys - nothing fanciful but hopefully enjoyable for them.
oh, im excited about a concert too! im going to exo's concert! LOL
but those who know them, you will know them.
for the uninitiated, you wont appreciate my decision anyway. :P
but im excited, I think it will be an interesting and entertaining concert! :D
some outfits for the week:
left: dress from warehouse
middle: top from gg5, skirt from zara
right: top from zara, shorts from topshop

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

oops i did it again!

yes, the ng family nov family trip is decided and I have booked the air tickets and accommodations tonight! *woohoo*
early start again, huh? a good 4 months ahead - not as bad as it sounds?
in any case, the cash savings more than justify the *kiasu* early booking. :P
SQ is having promo and the available seats are getting lesser and lesser by the days (yes, I did monitored) and the usual prices are atrociously high if you miss the deal now.
the prices for our family of 4 is $1.6k(!) cheaper if you book now vs the usual prices - which is pretty much the whole of Dec month...
so we are having our family trip during the last 2 weeks of nov which is also the school holidays but much much cheaper as compared to going in Dec.
the savings can go into better accom and other stuff I guess.

im getting excited doing up the nov itinerary now but I guess I should start the planning for the upcoming sept trip instead! @_@
apart from air tic and accom settled, I have no idea what we are going to do/where to eat for the 5D4N trip...
2014 is a good travel year for me - HK in mar, Bali in Jun and upcoming trips in sept & nov! :D

Sunday, July 13, 2014

another week...

it has been a busy week for me at work..
though my boss is on holidays, I don't have an easier time at work contrary to what others think.
in fact, I think things will be easier if she's around..
and it was a tiring week as well.
I went for a jog on Thursday - 4.2km at 33m @_@ - and fire drill on Friday had us walking down 47 floors!
oh well, hectic week is over and I think the coming week should be a slower one.
met up with the gang for tanny's bday lunch.
brought YR along and he was pretty good for the few hours. :D
some of us adjourned to Candice's house to visit her.
2 months old Shayne is really adorable. ahh.. I miss holding a baby in my arms. :) 
hubbi & YZ came fetched me at 6pm and we had a lazy evening watching tv at home....
taken by tanny
peeps were amazed at how ready he was to pose infront of the camera. tsk tsk
some outfits for the week:

left: top and shorts from zara
right: cardi & dress from zara
zara should pay me commission....

Sunday, July 06, 2014

weekend with the boys - stuff we do apart from bursting my blood vessels

it has been a good working week for me this week.. :)
last closing (hopefully, fingers crossed) for me as I take on more tasks for the new role.
friday was a cheery day especially as hubbi came to fetch me from work with the boys!
the ng family was heading to great world city for T4 movie event organised by the husband's company.
we were looking forward to it for the longest time as we were all huge fans of the first transformers trilogy.
but sadly, the latest installment is a total crap wasting 2.5 hours of my life. pui.
incoherent plot, cheesy lines and totally senseless!
i actually lol at the later part where it was all chaos with lockdown hunting down the autobots AND that old man was still lurking around trying to take out mark wahlberg's character!?!?
totally nonsensical!!!
the boys enjoyed it still though its pure torture for hubbi and me. @_@
and tonight we decided to head out to 85 market (despite my late night supper there just yesterday!) for dinner. hehe.
bad planning and we ended up taking 20mins to look for a parking space.
by the time we had a table and proceeded to make orders, we were told by all stalls that we need to wait at least 30-40mins!
I don't mind that much feeling its all worth it for the good food but the husband's patience was running out by the minute..
it was 9pm when we finished our food haha.
but I think the boys enjoyed the yummy food - carrot cake, otah, bak chor mee, porridge etc- and so did I!
though the next time we should reach the place early like 530pm to avoid the crazy crowd....
and its youth day tomorrow so I've taken the day off to spend time with the boys.
hmm.. where should we go?
some outfits for the week:
left: top and cropped pants from zara
middle: top from zara, jeans from 7 for all mankind
right: top from bysi, skirt from zara

steph sun concert!

yeah, attended steph sun's concert yesterday.
my first time attending her concert and I must say im quite surprised with her performance.
it was good.
though I would have prefer her to sing more slow songs, it was still an energetic and good 2.5hrs performance put up!
and it seems like the whole world was there as well from all the FB posts. LOL.
I guess most of my age group peeps were there. hehehe.
next concert: Mayday @ F1?
top: with Alvin and jt!

and of cos after a concert, famished us have to head out for supper.
it was onwards to 85 market at bedok!
nothing beats pipping hot bak chor mee at midnight. :P

Sunday, June 29, 2014

GSS part 2

as i promised myself, GSS shopping will continue after the bali trip and I always keep my promise. :P
and so the shopping resumed...
I really need to stop buying stuff. it seems like im forever buying since may. @_@
oh well, the buys are worth it (I hope).
but again, as the husband says, do you really need all these?
I guess the answer is no.
time to focus on saving up more.....
so that is the damage these 2 weeks?
- dress from warehouse
- bracelet from bimba & lola
- clutch from ted baker
- zara! 1 skirt, 1 romper, 1 dress, 4 tops, 1 necklace - ok, a little over-doing it but this is my fav. brand!
and I saw my zara pants that I bought few weeks back on sale! argh!
I only wore it once!
note to myself: don't buy so close to sales period.
some outfits for the week:
left: top from gg5, skirt from zara
middle: vest from zara, top from MNG, pants from a shop in haji lane
right: top and pants from zara
and the late nights watching WC2014 is so tiring for me.
hubbi was very nice to give me some time-off this afternoon!
i went to get mani & pedi done as well as a  short 30m back massage... *ahh*
busy closing week coming up! hopefully it will be my last closing for the near future..
i like these new OPI colors! :D
i have matching colors for the toes too!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

bali day 4 - Gunung kawi, tirta empul and dirty duck

this was our last day @ bali and we were staying put at bali area.
no more long-distance commuting!
after breakfast @ the resort in the morning, we took the shuttle bus to ubud centre to spend some time and had an early lunch.
top left: ubud palace
top right: ubud market - which is really nothing much and totally not my cup of tea
as you can see from the photos above, the husband and younger boy were wearing some (crappy in my opinion) tees bought there.
cheap yes but the quality is really zzz.
the color ran once we washed back home...@_@
anyway our driver came for us around 2+pm and off we go for some temple visitng!
ubud area has a lot of nice temples to visit and the area is surrounded by lush greenery with cool weather to boost.
we enjoyed the whole excursion pretty much.

@gunung kawi
first stop was to gunung kawi which is a temple situated at the bottom of a hill.
the walk down was easy and good scenery along the way.
but the return walk up the many many steps was.... a good workout. LOL.
we carried the boys for 1/3 of the walk up and my legs were wobbling by then... gosh.
i think the kg that I lost from the trip was from here!
 the stone carvings are intricate and amazing to look at
rice paddies surround the temple
2nd stop: tirta empul
the temple where water run all the way from the mountain to and deemed as holy by the locals.
we had to wear sarongs before entry into the temple.
even the boys had to tie some sash around their waist.
the water is indeed very clear and can be seen bubbling from the bottom of the pond - pretty amazing.

can see local taking a dip at most of the ponds for good luck and blessings
dinner for the last day @ bali was at dirty duck - a restaurant famous for bali's specialty food: crispy duck!
the restaurant was next to a rice paddy and seating arrangements are spreaded out over a huge area in pavilions.
nice setting.
as usual, we ordered quite a fair bit and left the place a little tad too full.
the only not so good thing is some mosquito bites despite burning mosquito coils set up at every table....

crispy duck is young ducks which is smaller.
not much meat but very tasty given the crispy texture
we headed back to the hotel pretty early around 7+pm given that it was a long day for everyone.
I went for a good massage back at the resort while the boys and hubbi lazed around watching hbo in the evening.
win-win situation. hehe.
so jun trip was done and a good one too.
its time to start planning the itinerary for the next one in sept!
only accom and air tickets booked. I need to start scouting for places of interests and especially restaurants to go to!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ITA vs URG - ciao my azzurris

again, like WC2010, ITA didn't manage to go into the last 16.
though better than the last WC where they exited with shame after managing miserable draws with PAR & NZ (what?!) and a defeat to SLO.
its really pretty sad this time round too if you ask me.
a great start with a 2-1 win over ENG, I have high hopes for them despite knowing the team for this WC is not exactly stellar.
to be honest, I didn't manage to catch the match with costa rica so the loss was a total shock to me.
reports hinted overconfidence at work but I will never know.

and tuesday's match with URU broke my heart. :(
ITA deserves their defeat to URU if you ask me.
putting aside all the shameful tactics that both employed, the match shows plentifully why ITA wont go on and lift the cup even if they proceed through.
uninspiring forwards, mediocre defenders (I miss malindi & canavaro's times!) don't help even if their attacking midfielders remain solid and creative.

and instead of focusing on set pieces and capitalizing on their long shots passing accuracy to secure a win, they started the game half-heartedly as if undecided between pushing for a win or settling for a draw.
after which, the non-stop attempts to play fouls and diving is totally uncalled for.
ITA has a lot going for them typically until they get distracted with all the hot-headed nonsense.
even #23 pirlo is no better - the smack to Suarez's jaws was either ingenious or plain devious.

and with marchisio's exit, the turn of event was as expected.
ball possession no longer in ITA, action consistently in ITA's box and ITA's pulling back more often than pushing forward.
frustrating match to watch. :(

if prandelli cant give the team a clear direction and get the players to rise above the heat, then it's a good thing he stepped down too.

so ciao, my azzurris.
see you again in 4 years time.
hope you have a much better team and coach then...

ending the post with my golden italiano boy for this WC: #8 marchisio.
I still think the red card is a bit too harsh for his tackling.

looking absolutely godly on this GQ cover

out-of-the-world blue eyes