Thursday, April 10, 2014


finally, I have been in my current company long enough!
the shares im holding are finally being matched by the company! *woohoo*
and heeding the wise advice of an ex-coll, I sold all the 2011 shares once they were matched. hiaks.
it was a good thing that share price now is higher (by a good 10%) as compared to my purchase price..
but (of cos there is always a but..) the exchange rate is really not in my favor now.
oh well, you cant win 'em all.

still, looking forward to the extra cash coming in.
this is good for my crazy low cash savings. :D

it is a happy thing that from now on, I have April and September months to look forward to.
this will keep me motivated at work. haha.

talking about work.
all the talk about feeling unchallenged and lethargic at work is coming back to bite me.
am going to another team to help out for the next few months!
steep learning curve and new things all over again.
but im feeling strangely motivated.
I hope this feeling persists..

Saturday, April 05, 2014

another season finale of my favourite show - walking dead... :(

with a heavy heart, i finished the last episode of walking dead season 4.
so sad.
another long wait till end of the year before the premiere of season 5.
season 4 was pretty tight and impressive for the first 8 eps.
though after the mid-season break, the "on-the-road" episodes of the different small groups were a little trying..
still, ep15 & 16 were good especially the finale one which ended with an exciting cliffhanger - rick saying:" they are going to feel so stupid when they find out.... that they are screwing with the wrong  people."!
im starting to like rick as a character finally after 4 long seasons. lol.
we are starting to see him losing his humanity in order to survive and protect what he loves in this world that he slowly starts to understand more.
took him a little long but so glad that he eventually gets to that.
i still miss my favorite character - shane- who couldnt be more realistic and humane as anyone can be in such apocalyptic world.
some outfits for the week:
left: top from gg5, skirt from zara
middle: top & pants from gg5
right: top and pants from zara.
ok, I know. boring.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

hong kong with the peeps - part 3

day 3 was pretty short...
all of us lazed in bed until 12 noon since there were heavy downpour and our old bodies all need time to recover from the past 2 late nights... @_@
we were out to search for lunch and after that, the group split again (maybe we are not very close afterall.. haha).
shopping, napping, dance class etc..
it was dinner time when we met again.
simple one at tsui wah before the girls adjourned to causeway bay for last minute shopping!
it was a good thing that shops close at 10pm in HK!
the crazy guys went for drinking again!!
either really good stamina or just like torturing their well-beings!
the girls went back hotel for chatting and i rewarded myself with late night mac supper.
and before we know it, the trip is coming to an end!
our flight was at 420pm on sunday and so we left for the airport after lunch for last minute shopping of foodstuff at130pm.
the husband was complaining that my luggage (the middle one) was an overkill for such a short trip.
but look at mine compared to dd & gb's one!!!
tsk tsk.
and theirs were packed to the brim too!
and as usual, we always need another holiday after a holiday.
all of us were so drained when waiting for the flight at HK airport.. lol.
vacant looks and all.

this picture of dd slumming over his luggage sums it all up...
the flight back was pretty terrible at the start.
thunderstorms looming when we took off and the plane was shaking like nobody's business.
I ended up with clammy palms. :(
luckily the second half of the flight was smooth and we had a great landing at T1.
good to be back home!
especially with the husband and boys waiting for me at the arrival gates!!
and we are very very lucky.
the every evening that we departed from hk, it was hit by hailstorm (with roof of festival shopping mall collapsing due to the hail stones), flights were delayed and thunderstorms forecasted for the rest of the week!

it was a lucky thing that we were blessed with good weather during our time there and we were back just in time before the hailstorm came!


and I found some of my shopping passion back this trip..
lol. I thought I don't fancy anything anymore.. :P
stuff for
myself: 8x clothings, 2x shoes, eye masks, skincare
boys: 6x clothings, lego set, frames
hb: 2x clothings
perfume for mum and lots of foodstuff for everyone.

normally I don't buy much foodstuff back but this time round, everyone in the group has a his/her own highly recommended food stuff..
and we ended up buying everything that we recommend to each other. lol.

the boys love the frames that I got for them to put up in their room.
I like the toy story one the most!
it was a crazy short, packed trip but a super fun-filled one nevertheless.
though i think we need another few years to recuperate from each other before attempting another group trip. :P

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hong Kong with the peeps - Part 2

it was such a luxury to laze around and sleep back in the morning!
it was well past 10pm when I finally dragged myself out of bed to bath for the new day!
lunch (or rather brunch for who has time for breakfast!) reservations was 1130am at 富聲海鮮酒 @ wanchai.
and i've to conclude that this is officially the best dim sum place in HK for me.
yes, it has replace maxim palace! *wee*
everything is so yummy and pipping hot!!
look at the sumptuous char siew!!
after lunch, it was a slow walk (we welcomed it after the cant-be-fuller lunch) to causeway bay for shopping!
but of cos we made a pit stop at yee shun milk company for their 燉奶!

 it was shopping and more shopping for us.
only tanny and I continued strong for shopping.
the rest split from us for tea break and made their way back to hotel to laze.. *tsk tsk*
tanny and i were finally back at 5+pm and totally drained from all the walking and shopping hehe.
before long, its time to get ready for our dinner!
reservations was 7.30pm at this Sichuan restaurant 四川菜大平伙 @ central.
this is my first time trying Sichuan dishes and I must say they are really not for those who cant take dishes spicy!
but though spicy, the food is so shiok that you just keep having seconds!
I especially  love the ma po tofu! so good with rice!

*yum* swimming in spices though.

the place was like an art galley with oil paintings done by the restaurant owner himself.
and strictly by reservations for the place was pretty small with around 5-6 tables at most!

as usual monkeying around, creating a din and disturbing other diners. :P

then, its off to LKF for some serious drinking!!
brrr.... I think im going to swear off drinking for the rest of the year!!

its a crazy night and I think now I know how much we love each other in the group.
the nonsense we have to take from each other is crazy!

it was the sevens and lots of crazy people dressing up and photo bombing everywhere..
it was a long and tiring day 2 and we took much longer to recuperate on day 3...
the photos dwindled and we had less zest as the days passed... LOL

Monday, March 31, 2014

hong kong 2014 with the peeps - Part 1

finally back from the crazy short 4D3N HK trip with the peeps.
air tickets were booked long ago in Dec'13 to take advantage of cathay ridiculously low prices - $280 nett!
the 2 months after were planning on accommodation and itinerary by zm & gb mainly...
this is the first time im so hands-off in planning for a trip and its a good change. :P
so on last Thursday we met at T1 at 5.30am!! gosh! super early but our flight was crazy early at 650am so....
hubbi and the elder son were very nice to send me to the airport!
yz was so excited at going to the airport that he had trouble falling asleep the night before! but both of us finally managed to at 10+pm..
still, it was only a short 6 hours+ sleep for us @_@ before we woke up at 430am...
I had brekkie with hubbi and yz before going in to look for the rest at 6pm..
the happy lot! ser was travelling solo since she redeemed her krisflyer miles...
look at my bloated 面包臉! gosh!
the flight to HK was smooth and over in a jiffy! the way I like it.
and having crazy banter with the peeps helped to ease my flying jitters a wee bit!
we took 2 cabs to our service apartment/hotel - 99 Bonham- at 上环.
dd & gb's cabbie took them for roberts and charged them atrociously high fees!! super sway!
we checked in and were out searching for lunch in record time.. lol.

start of many many walking in HK island.
thanks to gb who is a walking GPS...
we chanced upon 九記牛腩  and decided to lunch there.
so glad we did!
I always miss this everytime im in HK due to its slightly far flung location at 上环.
the beef is super good and tender and im not even a beef person to start with! *yums*
easily one of the best meals for this trip!
and then its onwards in search of more food!!
we walked and walked (my poor legs) to hunt down the famous egg tarts in hong kong island.
not one but 2 outlets! - 泰昌 and 檀島咖啡 (Honolulu coffee shop)

after that, all of us were bursting at our seams! *burp*

fooling around and eating egg tarts on the go!
and from central we walked... (yes again) to IFC!
where we met up with ser who was on a flight 2 hours later than us.
some of us got our zara fix there and then it was more food in the form of macarons from Perre Herme at IFC!
not exactly cheap but the salted butter caramel ones are total worth the price!
by then, most of us (notice I didn't say all..) were pretty cui and super in need of a nap!
so all of us headed back to hotel where half the party went to nap (I belong to this group...) while the rest continued to sevva for pre-dinner drinks. @_@
it was a good 1.5hr nap for me and we were all good to head out to the dinner place for the night!
reservations were made at this place called 东宝小馆 @ 北角.
the food was good especially the claypot stewed fish and lotus leaf rice!
though I don't really fancy the ambience and set-up of the place.. a little too run down. :P

drinking beer from bowls! like back to old time wuxia show.. lol

after a crazy full dinner, we adjourned to a chill out bar at central - quinary.
it supposedly boost an interesting array of cocktails.
but guess what, the one that impressed me the most is actually their mocktail! an interesting blend of coconut, pandan & nata de coco jellies! lol.
one of my friend was not very impressed with my non-alcoholic choice. :P
it was a long day.. and by 11+pm, the girls left for the hotel while the guys struggled to stay up a little longer (like 30mins? lol).
and that was our long crazy foodie day1 in HK.

Friday, March 21, 2014

escaping the room is super fun!

it's team building for finance accounting team today and we had a hoot of a time!
around 50-60 of us were ferried to bugis+ at 2+ for the activity for today - escape from rooms!
we were divided into 6 teams and got to try 2 rooms for each team.
this is my first time trying such an activity though I've heard about it and wanting to try it for the longest time.
after today, im even more convinced i should do it with my friends the next time!!
it will be crazy fun!
for my team today, we managed to escape the first room but not the second one (only left solving the passcode for the last door to escape....).
but I guess we did ok, for we came in 2nd overall. :P
$10 taka voucher for each of us. LOL.
anyway, if any of you is trying the "Freeing SG" @ bugis+, be sure to try the "Freeing Dragon" room. it is really entertaining and good fun!
after that, it was to loof @ odeon towers for finger food and of cos drinks!
i discovered whiskey + coke is even nicer than whiskey+green tea.. haha.
since ive only just recovered, I didn't drink a lot... @_@
still, it was good fun laughing and chatting with the team until 11-ish when all of us old fogies started yawning and making our way home...
some outfits for the week:
left: top from bysi, cropped pants from gg5
right: top from zara, pants from gg5

Monday, March 17, 2014

spending time with the boys

was on PM leave today since its the march holidays for the elder son.
the husband went to pick up the boys before fetching me at my workplace at around noon time.
wanted to watch the lego movie initially but I read good reviews for my Peabody & Sherman and decided to watch it on a whim.
hubbi was not too impressed with the storyline of an adventure of a super genius dog and his adopted human boy. LOL.
but the show proves that it is indeed a good one!

the show is surprisingly entertaining for both kids and adults alike.
the action will no doubt keep the young ones at the edge of their seats for the action on the WABAC machine that takes them travelling back in time.
adults will surely be tickled by all the funny dialogue and puns so bad they are hilarious!
even the usual hard to please husband gives thumbs up to this show!

we reached home around 5ish after the show and we spent time doing some arts and craft with the boys (ok, mostly the husband)...
we had this dino clay painting gift set from xmas last year and the boys have been cajoling for the longest time (without much success of cos..) to play with it.
pretty interesting: you got to mix the clay powder with water, set it in moulds (the usual t-rex, triceratops etc), an hour for it to harden, paint it, another hour to dry, another coat of glow paint and *tada* all set to glow in the dark!

another PM leave coming up this Friday.
it's always good to spend time with the boys!

again, can you guess which is done by who?
top left: YZ
top right: YR
bottom: hubbi *LOL*