Saturday, August 15, 2015

a short work week - who's complaining?!

it has a been short and productive working week - excellent!
i was on PM leave this tuesday as YZ had after-school activities in school so someone had to fetch him at 4PM. so after a quick lunch with coll, I headed out to first fetch the younger boy from my mum's place then home to laze before making our way to fetch YZ from his school.
just a simple afternoon, rolling on sofa alternating between dozing off and reading off a book while the boys played by themselves. :)
on Thursday, finance team went for a friendly/competitive(?) 2.4km relay run at marina bay with other functional teams ~ around 20 of us.
it was all good fun but it's been awhile I need to sprint even it's just 300m. 300m sounds short but when you are sprinting away, the heart can burst one ok!
ping came to look for us and suz, CP and I had dinner with her after the run. so good to catch up with her after so long!
and yesterday, dinner with the peeps! 6/9 attendance is not too bad. we had yummy fried chicken at over and fried chicken @ telok ayer! after dinner, it's more chatting and desserts at dean & DeLuca @ far east sq. a great way to end Friday!
missing gb, ser + grace but still happy company

Monday, August 10, 2015

SG50#3 - date with #mylove

last day of the long weekend today! i decided i need some me-time though not entirely 100% for the younger boy joined me in my short escapade to town! :P
so the husband dropped me + YR at somerset before meeting the in-laws for lunch with elder boy. :D
1st stop, we had yummy lunch at 313 marche - rosti and ended the meal with 1 scoop of ice cream each. YR must be berry happy that he made the choice of following me.. hiaks.
then the shopping starts! he was a little angel accompanying me to the stores and patiently reading the story book he brought along when i was busy trying out clothes. :P
we checked out the new library at orchard gateway - i found it lovely and repertoire of books good though there is nothing much for children there. we spent sometime there where I rummaged through the shelves looking for books to borrow while he self-entertained himself with his Geronimo stilton. LOL.
it was a good few hours spent in town with the younger boy before hubbi and YZ fetched us in the late afternoon.
and I got myself a lovely denim dress from zara + melissaxjasonwu flats from Robinsons heeren.
it's a good day. :D
photo-taking @ orchard gateway

Sunday, August 09, 2015

SG50 #2 - Shangri-la staycation, to the fore & NDP

the ng family went for a mini staycation yesterday! as part of SG50 promo at Shangri-La, we managed to get a pretty decent deal for a room at tower wing, breakfast inclusive + a SG50 cake to take home after checking-out. :)
after the elder boy's enrichment class in the late morning, we had lunch and reached the hotel to check in at 2pm! the whole place was swarmed with locals mostly. :P
but check in was smooth and we were in our room in a jiffy. due to full occupancy rate, we were upgraded to a higher floor room which supposedly gave us better view of the city?

the d├ęcor at lobby was berry nice - locals & tourists alike were taking photos :)
for a 5 star hotel, the room was surprisingly a tad old-looking. but it was rather spacious even after the extra bed was added in. we lazed around for a while before taking a quick tour round the hotel.

the waterfall & pool area next to the line restaurant is nice. we saw squirrels in action!
we missed the shuttle bus to town so decided to have a mini tea break at the hotel lobby before walking out (rather short walk to orchard delfi area ~ 5-10mins?).
the tea was good but the desserts were so-so...
we spent a lazy afternoon in town. i was really happy to chance upon a pop up gallery featuring andy Warhol's originals @ scotts square!
was trying to discuss his works with the husband without much success as usual....
then it's time at taka before our dinner @ wild honey at mandarin gallery.

clockwise from top left:
display at scotts sq
@ mandarin gallery
@wild honey
@ kino
the food at wild honey was good but too filling.
we headed back to hotel after dinner just to laze the evening away. the boys apparently had a long day for they were fast asleep before 930pm! LOL
the next day, breakfast at the line was fantastic. despite the crazy crowd, we were all spoilt for choices when it comes to what to eat.
more lazing back at the hotel room before we checked out by noon.
we headed back to deposit the luggage at our house before zooming off to katong 112! for the mummy has bought tickets for the movie - to the fore!
the show was surprisingly decent and definitely beaten my expectations. :) and it really helps to have the ever cute eddie peng in it. :P
though the same cant be said for the boys.... the husband found it watchable but the boys seemed to like the action bit and were pretty distracted for other scenes.. oh well.
then its back home to catch SG50 NDP on tv - wouldn't miss it for anything.
the tribute to LKY was especially moving and i found myself tearing abit as it brought back memories of the period when he just passed away.
asked the boys to recite the pledge and glad to see them doing so - all of us should be thankful for what we have and never take that for granted. hope we will continue to be united by our differences should unite us and never let it divide us.
and with the fireworks, it's over. GE 2015 is round the corner but I hope most of us Singaporeans will not forget what SG50 NDP signifies. that we will continue in this journey of building a nation - strong and free.

Friday, August 07, 2015

SG50#1 - out and about!

the long weekend officially started! actually since yesterday when i fetched the boys earlier to hubbi's workplace for dinner at mac! simple pleasure like curly fries and mcflurry! yum!
today, we decided to ditch the car and take public transport and explore places with the boys.
1st stop was to chinatown point for lunch. we wanted to explore the heritage place abit but the ongoing rain kind of disrupted that plan. :(
no fret, we took the NEL->circle line to dhoby ghaut where we spent some time at plaza sing before venturing out to hit the streets!
super early dinner at concetto at the cathay before we walked all the way to SAM.
free to public as part of #SG50 and we had fun exploring the small museum. there was 1 point where i was actually having conversations with the boys what was displayed! so touched i almost teared! will i find an art friend in them when that has totally been missing most of the time with the husband!?
ok, it's more like them asking questions and me giving my own interpretations on what's being displayed...
still, im glad with the interest! i should keep it going so they can be my best friends when we hit the museums overseas next time! :D
ice cream time (like well nourished muffin...) @ Chinatown point
aimlessly walking here and there! 


and from SAM, we made our way slowly to bugis bypassing waterloo street to show the boys the 2 temples next to each other. and from bugis, we took bus home! need to change bus but it was pretty fast~ around 40mins to reach our door step. the boys had fun sitting on top of double decker buses!

long tiring day but we had fun here and there. and tomorrow, we are heading out for our mini staycation in town! *wee* cant wait.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

the blips along the way..

i was just mentioning earlier last week on how people should either act on things that are within their control or accept/walk away if there is nothing they can do. there is really no point in harping on the same thing like n times! and it is such an irony that i witnessed this exact scenario unfolding at work.
gosh, maybe its my pet peeve or im just impatient. just don't get it when one goes on in circles on how things shouldn't be like this or like that. yes i got you but what i don't understand was there was no offer of a constructive next step, neither do you want to act upon a proposed next step.
and case in point is its so much harder getting a "messenger" to help you convince another when he/she may not be in the best position to do so given their convictions aint as strong as yours. wouldn't it be easier to take the matters in own hands and resolve it yourself when you have no reason in the world to stop you from doing so. maybe im just action oriented but sitting in a room and throwing all these feedback/comments around NOT at the right audience wont move things!

ok enough of ranting.

so what did i do? i tried to act within my control by volunteering to pass the message back to the intended audience and ended up not doing a fantastic job either.
well, we all have to learn somewhere somehow i guess. this is my learning opportunity though im not exactly 100% excited the situation it arose from. :P

Sunday, August 02, 2015

seeing the stars!

I heart this weekend! :D

doing fav. activities with my fav. people. After yz's enrichment class in the morning yesterday, we made our way to bedok town centre for lunch, visit to our fav. library and groceries shopping at bedok mall. simple activities but it was enjoyable especially the library bit! ok, not for everyone... I know a particular mr ng who always doze off while the rest of us excitedly comb the shelves for the next read to borrow back. :P

before long, mummy needed to get ready for sammi cheng's concert at indoor stadium with the peeps! :DDD *woohoo*
with the boys heading to in-laws place for dinner, I made my way for my dinner with the peeps at brewerks. :)
concert started pretty on time at around 8.20pm and sammi was a blast! high energy and high standard of singing all the way for the next 2+ hours!
at 42, she is looking so good (the extra pounds on her definitely make her look much healthier now!) and im amazed at her stamina and strong vocals!
it seems like only yesterday that dd and I caught her last performance in SG 5 years back!

super good performance and outfits!

seated amidst the fan club zone, near the stage and very high the whole night! :D
i wonder which will be my next concert..
today, we brought the boys to suntec to ..yes.. catch yet another show and ended the evening with dinner at my current fav. roast pork place - kay lee!
we watched MI5 and all i can say is tom cruise still got it! at his age, im very impressed with all the stunts done by him. as the husband said, we should hit the big screen and watch it just to support mr cruise's efforts! LOL.
and the ng family (well, 3/4) ended the evening & night quietly reading our new borrows from the library. :D
lovely sunday!

Friday, July 31, 2015

musings about work

work has been pretty hectic for the last 2 weeks. but the good thing is I seem to find back some of the drive and motivation at work that has been evading me for the past 1 month.
not exactly sure what's the trigger point, could be a combination of few conscious decisions I made.
I made the conscious effort to focus better during work, to get as much out of the way during office hours and not bringing work home.
I switched the push mode for company emails to a manual one on my hp for non-office hours. meaning, from 6pm to 8am next day, emails checking/reading is on my call rather a distracting blinking light now and then.
consistent trips to the community library with the boys had me borrowing non-fiction books of interest for me to read on most evenings and stopping the k drama sometimes. reading does the opposite of watching videos for me, im put into a more proactive role to think through and reflect what I "receive" from the book as compared to passive taking in of the plot as the drama unfolds and letting my emotions react accordingly like tearing... LOL

as I get better (I must be, I'm sure!) at understanding my current role better, the expectations others have on me and where I can better play a part, it will help me to plan ahead and better manage the demands at work and relationships with others.
at the end of the day, work is not everything but it's undeniably a critical part of my life too having taking up almost 50% of my waking hours (including weekends). so we should all really find joy and satisfaction during those 9-10 hours at work so as to have a balanced happy life as a whole.

having said so, it helps to try understanding that everyone is just like you, trying their best to do their job. most will have their reasons for doing certain things. you need not accept and agree but we all should try to understand they definitely have their own reasons for doing so. and it's always my stance to do something if it's within my control. to accept or walk away if it's not. really no point going round in circles non-stop and not acting. so far, these above 2 points have helped me to maintain my sanity at work! and at home too! :P