Thursday, January 22, 2015

goodbyes never cease

and... another one threw the letter. though no stranger to the notion of relationships at work can be and will be more fragile than any other relationships.... still a bit saddened by one of my closest peeps at work tendering..

still the same old same old - we should really treasure and enjoy the time while we can for we never know when the goodbyes will come and in what format.

a lot of stuff going at the work front. i just hope for things to come to a closure soon so i can resume my peace of mind.

sometimes, overthinking will only leads to more junk food... LOL.
im gaining back the pounds! damn!

Monday, January 19, 2015

celebrating YR's 5YO bday!

YR's actual birthday was yesterday but we spent it rather quietly. the husband and YR fetched me from Tanah merah when I came back from batam and we went to pick up the elder son before proceeding home.
dinner was just a simple one at our fav. mixed vegetable stall at bedok area. :P

but today, hubbi and I both took leave to do the "tours" with YR... tsk tsk.

in the morning, we popped over to his church kindy to cut the cake and distributed party packs.
YR selected the olaf cake for his kindy mates.
after that, we spent quality time with him alone since gor gor was at School anyway. we had lunch around SAM area and we spent time around there before ended up at bras brasah. it was fun checking out the shops there.. i wonder if bras brasah will still be around when the boys grow up..
after that, we went to fetch YZ and we made our way to YR's childcare to do the whole routine - cake-cutting and distribution of party packs - all over again...@_@
its batman for his childcare's friends... LOL
i guess this is the best birthday pressie for the younger boy - he does enjoy the limelight just like me! hehe.
and we still have to bring him out next weekend to "celebrate" with him properly.. jeez.. he is still undecided between science centre and night safari.. let's see where he wants to go..
im secretly glad that there is no such celebrations for primary school :P. now the birthday affair for the elder son is just quiet and intimate, the way i like it!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

virgin trip to batam!

and so yesterday I was off to batam montigo resorts for an extremely short trip with the colls! we met at Tanah merah for our noon ferry, and we came back today in the early afternoon. LOL.
it's really a whirlwind trip! reminds me of the same short 2D1N bintan trip that I did with my ex-dow colls when I was still in audit. :)

so what did we do? we went for massage, we took dips in our own pool, we drank, we talked, we ate, we played cards, we ate somemore and then it's time for home.
oh, and really taking turns to use the toilets for big business... LOL

@montigo resorts
I think my quota for travelling with friends is once again utilized for the year... or will the husband be so good to let me go on another trip with peeps before end of the year?? hehe.
some outfits for the week:
left: shirt dress from seoul
right: knit top from gg5, cropped pants from zara

Sunday, January 11, 2015

eating greens and party packs

met the gang for pff & zm's bday dinner yesterday and guess which atas sinful restaurant we went this time round?
we settled for jap vegetarian restaurant at sunshine plaza. gosh, is this change in taste a sign of old age?
but the food is really good! I highly recommend teng at sunshine plaza for all those who wanted to eat healthier but has a misconception like me thinking all green stuff must be zzzz...
after dinner, we just had to hunt down some sweets to end the night right.. in the end, we walked to dome at SAM area. not exactly the most creative but the desserts will do.
today, the ng family went out with a mission. with YR's bday round the corner, we need to do the usual - party packing!
this year, with him attending both church kindy & childcare, we need to prepare around 35+ party packs in all!! headed to parkway parade giant and let the birthday boy chose his choice of snacks to include in the packs. and the late afternoon was really just spent packing away. @_@
another week and i'll be going on a short trip with the colls next weekend! like really short - think 24hours... lol.

Friday, January 09, 2015

belated bday lunch @ etna

both the husband and I took the afternoon off for his belated bday lunch today!
hubbi fetched me from work at 12+pm and we set off for duxton hill!
his belated bday lunch was at etna - an Italian restaurant.
personally, I found the food good but nothing fantastic so no, there will be no revisiting not like latteria. :P I think pasta brava maybe a better choice for the same price range.
@ etna - they have another branch at siglap area
it was lovely catching up with the husband without any distractions (ie the boys ha) and we had a long good lunch till almost 3pm.
we left for raffles city for one of our fav. activity - window shopping leisurely!
this time round, we window-shopped for our next watches! hehe. i wonder when will that purchase ever materialize for me. for someone who doesn't wear a timepiece everyday, my current omega & rolex is more than sufficient to take me through most days/occasion. but I have been lusting after cartier & chanel timepieces for the longest time. hmmm....for that kind of money, I rather buy bags. :P
and I found some feel in shopping again! I basically sleep-walked my way through the recent sale season in dec - finding NOTHING in zara, topshop, gg5 etc sales! so not me!
but today, I bought a lovely top and midi-skirt from gg5 new collection. yeah, back in the game for me!
we fetched the boys earlier in the evening at 5+pm and we headed home for a swim. they had a lovely time and with the early waking up timing, they were snoozing by 9pm just now.
wont be long before I start tearing and in need of my own beauty sleep, it has been a week of waking up at 6.30am for me!
but im starting to like the new lifestyle of ending the night at 1130pm and waking up at 6.30am. the body and mind seem to be in a fresher state for most of the days as compared to last time. have I find the right sleeping cycle!? we shall see.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

belated birthday dinner at latteria

hubbi brought us out yesterday for my belated birthday dinner - or rather i brought them out hehe.
as usual, I came out with the venue since the husband know that bit about the dining scene in SG anyway. :P
before that, we brought the boys to watch.... penguins of Madagascar.... but it was actually not as bad as i thought. with benedict cumberbatch's voice, the show is definitely much bearable. :D
dinner was at latteria mozzarella bar at duxton hill. of cos it has to be hubbi's first time there and he was suitably impressed with the ambience and all. so much so that he requested that his bday meal to be in the same area too. ha.
lovely lovely mac n cheese!
anyway there is this quote from the recent re-watch of LOTR series:
"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.For even the very wise cannot see all ends" by Gandalf.
somehow, this stuck in my mind and I find myself thinking about it often.
in life, we really cant conclude and judge too early. every mistake or failure in life can be reframed into an opportunity or lesson learnt. cliché as it sounds, we decide what to take away from each situation. do we walk away defeated or stronger? do we make the same mistake or turn things around the next time? sometimes, we have the choice more so than we thought.

Friday, January 02, 2015

it has started!

yes! the new school year has officially started! YZ is starting his P2 year and YR is officially attending his K1 church kindy today!
both boys need to be in school respectively by early 7-ish and 8-ish. @_@
so the husband and i started early today at 6am to prepare the elder boy for his school. once he has set off for school, it's time to prepare YR for his school.
happy with going to kindy for the first time. he is definitely a more confident boy than gor gor but we shall see how well he adapts after that.

we were with YR for his orientation day this morning and I was glad to see he seems eager and happy in the new environment. let's hope it continues.
YZ typically is nervous and reserved in new environment but he adapts very well as time passes. YR, on the contrary, is normally more outgoing and at ease in new settings but sometimes with time, he may regress to being hesitant and upset when things don't turn out well in his opinion.
in short, YZ starts out with low expectations and when things progress normally, he starts to build the confidence and takes everything in his stride. YZ on the other hand always started out confident and optimistic but when things take a turn not aligned to his high expectations, he turns confused and starts running back to us to complain and turning wary of the new place.
LOL. they are so different and managing their expectations and guiding them needs to be different too.

after settling all the admin stuff - logistics with school bus drivers and buying the last bit of textbooks, uniforms etc - I headed back to work.
by the time we fetched the boys back from my mum's place/childcare, I was so drained.
I need to sleep before 11pm today! need to use this weekend to start planning for the real school week next week!
jia you!